Can I include a product in KetoKrate?

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We're always looking for new products to consider for our monthly Krates!

To make sure you're aware, all products featured in KetoKrate must:

a) Be a food/snack type product 

b) Contain 5g or less of net carbs (carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols) per serving

c) Be free of maltitol, aspartame, and gluten **While we do our best to avoid products that contain gluten, not all are certified as gluten free.

d) Have minimal soy and sucralose

e) Are shelf stable. - **If your product is not shelf stable there may still be able to work together but note we can only include shelf stable products in our Krates.

If your product is a fit, please take the next step by filling out this survey:

Brand Info Request Form

If you have any questions please reach out to!

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