Can I include a product in Keto Krate?

Scott Hoiland Updated by Scott Hoiland

We're always looking for new products to consider for our monthly Krates!

To make sure you're aware, all products featured in Keto Krate must:

a) Be a food/snack type product 

b) Contain 5g or less of net carbs (carbs minus fibre and sugar alcohols) per serving

c) Be free of maltitol, aspartame, and gluten

d) Have minimal soy and sucralose

If your product is a fit, please take the next step by filling out this survey: 

Making sure that we feature many high quality, low carb snacks in Keto Krate is one of the toughest jobs we have—our product procurement specialists can get pretty busy. If you don't hear back from us soon, it's not because we're not interested! Please contact us at to give us a kick in the butt!

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