My tracking info says my Krate was delivered, but I never received it. Where's my Krate?

We are so sorry you have found yourself reading this help article. Rest assured we will make things right, but there are a few things that might have caused this:

  • Shipping carriers have been marking parcels delivered, but actually not delivering them for 1-2 business days after the fact. This has been an increasing issue across the board with all carriers due to an excessive increase of mail delivery.

  • Some drivers like to play hide and seek! If you live in a house, we recommend checking behind bushes or in your backyard. If you live in an apartment, we ask that you check any common areas where mail could be delivered.

  • Some Krates are delivered to a Parcel Locker, be sure to check the tracking number directly on the carrier website to confirm the driver delivery details.

  • Occasionally, Krates do get misdelivered to a neighbor. We don’t encourage you to search their bushes, however if you could ask if they have accidentally received your Krate it would be greatly appreciated!

If it has been 48 business hours and you still haven't received your Krate, please reach out to us by clicking on "Get in touch" in the top right hand corner, or send an email to Be sure to include your full name and shipping address so we can verify that the information we have on file is correct to help expedite a resolution.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 business hours!

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My tracking info hasn't updated. Where's my Krate?

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