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Log Into My Account

First of all we are so sorry you have had trouble logging into your account! This can happen for a few reasons, and we want to help you get access asap! Please follow the steps outlined below:

Click here to be taken to the login screen. 

If the password for the account has already been set - you will be redirected to a 2nd login (apologies for the extra step)!

You will need to re enter your email and be prompted to enter your password:

If you have an account, but it has not yet been activated, you will see this message after entering your email address:

Check your inbox (and your spam folder) for an activation email that should look like this:

If we do not have an account registered to your email you will see this message:

*If you are sure you have a subscription, but are receiving the error, please be sure to try alternative email addresses. If you had chosen a 3rd party payment service such as PayPal, receipts will be emailed to the address associated with their service.

**Please note that occasionally accounts are created with typo's in the email. If you’re still unable to log in, please contact our Support team by clicking "Get in touch" on the top right or by sending an email to support@ketokrate.com. Make sure to include your full name, shipping, and billing address for assistance.

***If your account password email had been flagged as spam, please be sure to select the message and report it as Not Spam to allow future emails to reach you!

****A common issue we see is an issue with compatibility of the device, OS, and more often than not the browser. Our site uses cookies and some browsers are not compatible (eg. DuckDuckGo) If you’re still unable to log in, please contact our Customer Care team with the type of device, operating system, and type of browser you are using.

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