Are your products Vegan? Kosher? Dairy free? Gluten free? Peanut free?

KetoKrate is aspartame-free, maltitol free and avoids gluten. We’re soy and sucralose conscious.

For Soy, we'll only include products that don't list soy as a main ingredient.  Things that use soy for flavoring or binders (soy lecithin) may still be included.  

For sucralose, we'll only include sucralose if it's in a product with otherwise high nutritional value (good macros).  If it's purely a sucralose candy product, we won't include it.

*We work with brands of all sizes so while we do our best to avoid products that contain gluten, not all are certified as gluten free.

We do include products that use approved alternative sweeteners like erythritol, xylitol, monk fruit, chicory root, allulose, stevia, and on occasion very small amounts of maltodextrin.

KetoKrate is not vegan, dairy free, peanut free, nut free or Kosher.

In the future, as the market starts producing more and more Keto-friendly products, we may be able to tighten our requirements and ban the above ingredients. Until then, our only goal is to provide really low carb snacks while promoting companies who use sugar responsibly.

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